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my accounts: ask me anything. seriously. i answer all the questions or thoughts you have



i use orkut and facebook too. orkut is for personal friends and facebook...well... i just don't use it that often

other accounts where you see my pictures = fake.
Rudox Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2010
wow, your name is Ann Summer, you must know of Ann-Summers in the UK ? she was pioneer in women's liberation back in.. the 50's maybe, she started a women's underwear store called Ann-Summers, any way.. she eventually lost the company, and 2 brothers bought it very cheap, they changed their surname to "Gold" & called themselves the "Gold Brothers"

Ann-Summers is now a multi million pound company selling sex toys and underwear for women, and is now run by David Golds daughter "Jacqueline Gold" , i used to work at Mr golds mansion as an electrician, wow what a house & i'd have to call him "mr gold" ("goodmorning mr gold") sounds like a bond film.

sorry, i just wanted to say, no need for a reply, Best wishes for the new year.
FurtiveLungs Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2010  Student General Artist
my real name is anni suvi, suvi in estonian means summer. so ann summer is kinda my...screen name.
but i wasn't aware of all of those things so thanks for filling me in :)
and sorry for the late reply, i've been really busy lately
Rudox Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2010
Your reply was right on time, made my day :) well.. what a wonderful name, it has a nice ring to it Anni.

I know your busy, it must be stressful sometimes keeping everything going, so many people clawing at you for attention, feeling like a juggler. you're doing fine girl.. your doing just fine ; )
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December 30, 2009